Posted October 30th, 2011 by Ray

Yesterday was incredible! We had an amazing lineup, amazing food, and amazing friends! We’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who came out to help us yesterday: Robert Lukacs and his family for making the Ghoulash, Mary Raindrop for the event planning and all of her other support, Heidi Paqeut for making sure everything ran smoothly, Kayla and Leah for helping out behind the bar as well as all the musicians who volunteered their time: Homer Matsunaga, Katie Martin, Melanie Denard, Christian Davidson, Cody Matlock, Tamara Nicolai, Danny Vinson, Truett Lollis, Jonathon Norwood, Jeff Baker, Little G, John McKnight, Bill Burke, and Bob Page.

I got a ton of great shots last night and will be posting them soon! In the meantime, enjoy this animated gif I made of John Mcknight’s drum solo:

John McKnight Solo! @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

2 Responses to “THANKS EVERYONE!”

  1. tom samples

    Good moves John, had a great time and heard some great music.

  2. Christian Davidson

    Thank You Darwin’s we had an absolute blast!

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