FOOD PORN: These shots came directly from the kitchen. I shoot the food as it comes out of the “Order Up” window. None of these pictures are staged under elaborate lights or specially made to be extra pretty. This is what our food looks like, and it tastes just how it looks…DELICIOUS! Keep an eye out for more food porn in the future.

$9 Pulled Pork Plate @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$6 Tortoise Shells @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$11 The Evolution Burger @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$5 Frito Pie @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$6 Mild Wings @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$13 Mammoth Burger and Fries @ Darwin’s Burgers.

$6 HMS Beagle Chili dog with mustard and onions.

$14 Wings & Celery Dinner @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$9 Delicious Domesticus chicken sandwich.

$9 Ranch Patty Burger w/ Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion. This was mine, it was delicious!

$6 Chili Cheese French Fries @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$4 French Fries Smothered in Ketchup.

$9 Big Bang Burger w/ grilled onion.

$6 Ranch Rub Wings

$4 Crunchy Tots

$6 Memphis Rub Wings @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$4 French Fries with our custom seasoning.

$2 Fresh Celery and Bleu Cheese @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Meal for 2 @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues


$11 Sliders (2 ea)
2 half-sized burgers. You choose your combination of
patties topped with lettuce, tomato and pickle.
$5 Fried Brussels
Deep-fried to delicious with a
honey mustard drizzle.
$5 Pimento Cheese Dip
Darwins’ own blend of local cheeses &
roasted red peppers served with
deep-fried flour tortilla chips.
$5 Tortoise Shells
Deep fried flour tortilla chips topped with either:
Pulled Pork (Pork + Wet BBQ + Fried Jalapenos)
Chicken Salad (Chix Salad + Bacon + Honey Mustard)
Hummus (with a drizzle of olive oil)
$5 Chilli Cheese Tots/Fries
Mexican cheese blend and our special chili drenching
the potato product of your choice
$4 Frito Pie
We cut open a bag of Frito corn chips and top
it with Chili, Cheese, and some Ranch Dressing
$5 Double Hummus Taco
Double layer of Darwins’ hummus &
grilled flour tortillas topped with lettuce,
onions, tomatoes & our house vinagrette.


$3 Fresh Coleslaw
Grannie’s Recipe, made fresh! This ain’t
no thawed out pre-bagged mush.
$3 Corn on the Cob
Deep-fried to golden perfection &
topped with butter!
$3 Fries/Tater Tots
Fresh potatoes imported from France and fried in a
savory duck oil. Nah just kidding, they’re frozen.
$3 Beans & Rice
Savory black beans atop a bed of white rice.
$3 Sweet Potato Fries
Covered in delicious, sugary Memphis BBQ rub.

Handmade Burgers

$7 The Big Bang
This traditional burger includes lettuce, tomato, pickles,
ketchup, mustard & mayo.
$7 The Memphis
Our custom BBQ sauce and fresh
homemade slaw on our BBQ patty!
$9 The Evolution Burger
This BBQ burger with Funyuns, chili, and cheese
will have you questioning the laws of creation.
$9 The Supernova
The Evolution burger with Flamin’ Funyuns &
fried jalapenos – BANG!
$8 The Martin
Simplicity at its finest: out juicy Big Bang Patty
with melted Swiss on a toasted Garlic Butter bun.
$11 The Mammoth
Load ‘Er Up! Start with 2 Big Bang patties
and top them with Chili, mustard, onions,
cheese, fried jalepenos, and BACON!


$7 Delicious domesticus
A juicy chicken breast, served grilled or blackened
with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.
$9 The Sullivan
Ranch Rub Chicken Breast topped with swiss,
bacon, chipotle mayo, lettuce, an tomato.
$7 Chicken Salad Sandwich
No fruit, no nuts, all white meat chicken salad.
Chicken lovers only!
$9 The Norwood
Chicken Salad topped with Honey Mustard,
Bacon and our homemade Coleslaw.

Hot Dogs/Sausages

$6 All Beef Hot Dog
Naked, chili cheese or slaw
You can’t go wrong.
$6 Applewood Smoked Sausage
Add some BBQ sauce or brown mustard &
you’ve got the perfect smoked sausage.
$7 Beer Brat
Lager steamed bratwurst, grilled & topped with
brown mustard and grilled onions.
$7 Spicy Italian Sausage
Topped with tangy honey mustard &
beer steamed onions.
$7 German Wiener
Beef/pork blend hot dog, grilled & topped with
chili, mustard and onions.
$6 Spicy Hungarian Sausage
Cured Hungarian Segelli

Wings $6 / 5 Wings

Tasty chicken wings double fried to a crisp and
smothered in the sauce or rub of your choice
– Mild
– Hot
– Honey Mustard
– Hot Honey Mustard
– Wet BBQ
– Memphis (dry bbq rub)
– Ranch Rub
– Lemon Peppers
– Garlic
– Smokestack (Hot Memphis BBQ)
– Zuto (Sweet Citrusy Fire)
– or Combine Flavors!


$4 Donuts
Served steamy hot and covered in cinnamon & sugar