We’ve been picking up our equipment from a Sanford-and-Son type of operation for restaurants. This place is a sight to see, a fenced in yard and 2 warehouses full of every imaginable piece of restaurant/bar item possible. Utensils, ovens, tables, fryers, etc, this place has it all! The Restaurant Depot I wanna live on a […]

At this point, everything I’ve eaten in the past 3 days has been topped with delicious homemade Chili! Just because the kitchen at Darwin’s isn’t quite ready yet, doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy experimenting with recipes. Chef Akin has been hard at work tweaking his recipes and adjusting the menu to get ready for […]

We’re rolling along here at Darwin’s. Here’s a peak at what’s going on! Welding the hood New Chairs! New Siding! New Paint!

Thursday is the local Blues Jam at Sidelines Bar and Grill in Marietta. The Jam Session will be relocating to Darwin’s when we open, so I went to go check out the show and meet some of the musicians. I was impressed! The house band did a great job opening up the show, the first […]