08.24.2011 Renovation Updates

Posted August 24th, 2011 by Ray

There have been many people asking about when we are opening, the reason we have not set any dates yet is because everything is hinging on various city inspections. If one doesn’t pass, we can’t move on to the next step and we get pushed back again.

Last week we passed one of the big ones.

We’ve been going full-speed since! The kitchen is in, walls are painted, tables and chairs are set up. We’re so close now, a few more inspections and we can start ordering food and booze. Then we get to deal with the Health Department, yay!

Keep checking back for updates!

Bar and dining room. Check out the black and blue walls!

Bar. View from the stage.

Stage. It’s jet-black. We’ve also expanded it a tad.

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  1. Little G Weevil

    OMG! Guys, you look awesome!!! Wooooooow! We just cannot wait for you to open again. We need our blues bar back! + Since i am a burger fan it cannot get any better. Keep it up Darwin`s, we are keeping you in our prayers!

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