07.30.2011 Trip to The Restaurant Depot

Posted July 30th, 2011 by Ray

We’ve been picking up our equipment from a Sanford-and-Son type of operation for restaurants. This place is a sight to see, a fenced in yard and 2 warehouses full of every imaginable piece of restaurant/bar item possible. Utensils, ovens, tables, fryers, etc, this place has it all!

The Restaurant Depot

I wanna live on a mountain of chairs!

We’ve also been hard at work redoing the walls inside. Sizing sheet rock, plastering, priming and painting. There’s still a lot more to be done, but here’s a peak at the new colors!

Blue walls and new shelving!

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  1. Mikel Estes

    On the shelving pictured here:
    While in Greece at an Ouzo Bar, I was mesmerized by their simple liquor display. The shelves were glass and they had display lights shining up from the bottom, illuminating the different colored flavors. Looks like your shelves here are solid wood, but this idea could almost be duplicated by installing rope lights along each front-top edge, but hiding them behind trim work attached to the front, so the bottles would be illuminated, but you couldn’t see where the light on them was coming from.

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