iPhone shots from the weekend.

Posted May 10th, 2011 by Ray

I took these panoramic shots of the bar on my iPhone, but I’ve been having issues trying to pull images from my phone. I finally said, “screw it” and emailed them to myself from the phone. Much easier! Click on the image to see a larger version.

I’ve picked out my reserved seat for the bar, here’s a 360 degree view from my future office! I’m still trying to get used to my iPhone for taking pano shots, but you get an idea of what my view looks like.

4 Responses to “iPhone shots from the weekend.”

  1. Johnna Curry

    Can’t wait to see it completed … It is going to be Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ray

    That is word for word, what we were saying this past weekend when we saw how construction was coming! Thanks for the comment, follow us on facebook for updates.

  3. EB Tull

    Looking great. So much space! I see the pictures are still up…lots of folks anxious to get in there!


    So close, but no opening date yet? Me, my gal, and my band are on pins and needles. Can’t wait till you “Get “er Done”!! Driven by many times…I feel like a stalker, LOL!!! Looking forward to the newly evolved Darwin’s

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