Welcome to Darwin’s

Posted May 4th, 2011 by Ray

Welcome to Darwin’s!

My friends and I have decided to shed our corporate clothes and jump into the restaurant business. Ernie is the founder and owner of Darwin’s Burger’s and Blues. He’s been running the place for over a decade, but has decided to expand a bit. That’s where we came in.

Darwin’s was a blues bar that has been home to numerous local bands and Marietta-regulars, but that’s it. Blues. Bar.

Our vision is to simply throw food into the mix. Our master Chef Jonathon Akin is taking over our BRAND NEW kitchen. Yes, it’s bar food, but with a bit of a twist! You’ve got to try our burgers to believe it.

Right now the building is still under renovations. We’ve added more windows, refinished the bar, and are currently working on installing the kitchen and new signage. We’ve got a new website under way, a blog, a Facebook Account, a Twitter account and everything! All we need is you!

Come get involved, send us suggestions on what you’d like to see at our bar.

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