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The Rainmen



March 16
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The Rainmen have been playing together as a group for over a decade now. The members came together to play the kind of upbeat, dance-able, and fun rock n roll that they all loved and wanted to play. The audience response that they get at their shows would seem to indicate that the idea is working quite well. There are still a lot of people around who want to hear “real” rock n roll, so as the word gets around, the crowds continue to grow at Rainmen shows. Although the musicians don’t take themselves too seriously, they DO provide some serious fun for the people who come out to their shows!
Another regular part of most Rainmen shows, is the joining in by “special guests” from among our many very talented musical friends. We like to keep things interesting and spontaneous, so you never know who might show up to join in the fun.Rick Richards, Peter Stroud, Tommy Rivers, Joey Huffman, Ray Dafrico, Rick Hinkle, Jonny Hibbert, Bill Owen, Rex Patton, Mike Gill,Steve Wofford, and Ruby Velle are some of the friends who have joined us onstage in recent years



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