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07.05.2011 Signage Up!

August 6th, 2011

It took 3 of us on rickety ladders, but we got the sign up! Boy, does it look good at night! Daytime Sign. Nighttime Sign.

07.04.2011 New Signage!

August 4th, 2011

After shopping around for several weeks, we decided we could do a better job on our own for cheaper. BEHOLD, our brand new signage! We’ll be putting it up tomorrow. Special thanks to our neighbors Jonathon and Rick over at AAA Digital Printing. Mmm, giant logo…

We’ve been picking up our equipment from a Sanford-and-Son type of operation for restaurants. This place is a sight to see, a fenced in yard and 2 warehouses full of every imaginable piece of restaurant/bar item possible. Utensils, ovens, tables, fryers, etc, this place has it all! The Restaurant Depot I wanna live on a […]

We’re rolling along here at Darwin’s. Here’s a peak at what’s going on! Welding the hood New Chairs! New Siding! New Paint!

Welcome to Darwin’s

May 4th, 2011

Welcome to Darwin’s! My friends and I have decided to shed our corporate clothes and jump into the restaurant business. Ernie is the founder and owner of Darwin’s Burger’s and Blues. He’s been running the place for over a decade, but has decided to expand a bit. That’s where we came in. Darwin’s was a […]