FRIDAY: Truett Lollis + SAT: Beau Hall

Posted December 16th, 2011 by Ray

TONIGHT: Truett Lollis is an incredibly talented young blues musician who has made Darwin’s into his home. He’s even got his own burger named after him around here, “The Lollisburger”. We always love it when he comes around to play!

“Seeing Lollis on guitar is very much like what it must have been like to see a young Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan before he was discovered.” – Atlanta Blues Examiner

Truett and Jonathon @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Saturday: The Beau Show: Don’t Bring Your Damned Kids. Beau is a loud, obnoxious, child-like person who uses the F word like a comma, but damn if he isn’t a great entertainer! Come in for some great music, hilarity will ensue!

The Beau Show Saturday @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

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