Pictures from Friday’s Bobby Messano show.

Posted September 6th, 2011 by Ray

Bobby Messano put on an amazing show Friday! A little Blues, a little Rock, a whole lot of guitar bad-assery! I loved seeing these guys wind down their set. After their break, it was all fun on stage. Just Bobby and the band playing whatever they felt like jamming on. Check out the pictures!

Steve Geller and Bobby Messano

Bobby Messano and Steve Geller

Bobby Messano

Bobby Messano @ Darwin’s Burgers

Bobby Messano Band

Bobby Messano Band

Bobby Messano and Joey Banks

Steve Geller

Steve Geller

Joey B. Banks

One Response to “Pictures from Friday’s Bobby Messano show.”

  1. George

    Thanks for providing GREAT MUSIC & GREAT FOOD Darwins !

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