You scanned a sticker! Receive $2 Off!

Posted January 1st, 2011 by Ray

It's a secret to everybody! $2 Off

So you’ve found one of our stickers! This links you to a secret unpublished page on our site. To claim $2 off your next meal*, simply tell your server, “I found a sticker!” as well as the location where you found the sticker. (Sticker must be found off Darwin’s property).

* Minimum $10 order.

We have burgers, wings, and the best damn chili in town! We also have Live Music EVERY NIGHT! Check out a promo for our Thursday Darwin’s Blues Jam:

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FOOD PORN: These shots came directly from the kitchen. I shoot the food as it comes out of the “Order Up” window. None of these pictures are staged under elaborate lights or specially made to be extra pretty. This is what our food looks like, and it tastes just how it looks…DELICIOUS! Keep an eye out for more food porn in the future.

$4 Mild Wings @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$7 Garlic Grilled Cheese w/ Chili @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

$11 Mammoth Burger and Fries @ Darwin’s Burgers.

$4 HMS Beagle Chili dog with mustard and onions.

$6 Chili Cheese French Fries @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

The Cazanovas @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Little G Weevil @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

Truett Lollis @ Darwin’s Burgers and Blues

One Response to “You scanned a sticker! Receive $2 Off!”

  1. R J Kelley

    found sticker on trash can at dollar general
    on roswell rd. marietta.
    little dude …. cool .!!!! stoped to scan. when the “MAN”
    thought I was dumpster diving . ahh .!
    just in time ..Roy the plumber

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